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Aluminum Square Pattern Sheet Embossing Machine

The Aluminum Square Pattern Sheet Embossing Machine is special designed to shape reinforcing beads over whole sheet metal tables as well as on individual blanks of arbitrary shapes, Reinforced sheet metals are being used for HVAC duct production as well as other metal works, where it is beneficial to use thin sheet metals reinforced in this way. Reinforcement inhibits vibrations in HVAC ductwork. It is manufactured in many designs, differing in the maximum width of the plate or profile of the crease. 

 Main Parameters- Aluminum Square Pattern Sheet Embossing Machine



Roll Formed Profile Type:

Pattern profile (according to clients’ requirements, such as the samples)

Roller Width:

1850 mm

Material length


Raw material thickness range


coil Material

GI steel

Motor power:

5.5Kw, AC220v, 3 PHASE, 50hz

Embossing rollers diameter


Line speed


 Custom sheet beading pattern can be designed according to clients’ requirement.

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