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Round Duct Flange Making Machine


Brief Introduction- Angle Steel Round Flange Making Machine 
The Angle Iron round flange profile is as an integral part of light steel frame is roll-formed from Hi-Tensile GI steel. With its advantage, it is very popular in the present market, The Steel angel is widely adopted in Building construction Industry – commercial and residential. The normal thickness of L angle can be from 1-5mm.
Our Angle steel round flange making machine change the traditional flange production way, The most advantage of this hydraulic angle steel flange machine is the production efficiency increased and the labor cost reduced too much. With its high efficiency, safety and reliability, it is very popular in the present market.
■ Main Parameter - Angle steel Round Flange making machine
The angle steel round flange making machine is including three parts production deice as following,
- Round Flange roll forming machine
 The round flange with rivet holes can be finished by this roll forming machine, the raw material is GI Steel coil.
- Round flange holes punching machine 
 The round flange connection holes can be processed by this machine, it is controlled by servo system.
- Welding machine
 Before Punching connect holes on the flange, the round flange needs to be welded, so that to guarantee the exact holes position on round angle flange.
■ Main parameters - Angle steel Round flange Roll Forming Machine



Profile roll formed

Round steel angle profile

Forming roller station quantity:

6 Stations

Forming roller

Cr12MoV, AFTER treatment. HRC58º-60ºc

Roller shaft

Diameter Ø60mm, 40Cr steel material, quenched and tempered fine grinding.

Station side steel plate thickness

25mm, with world famous brand bearings

Main motor


Punching rivets holes device

Diameter 5.2mm 

steel Angle bending device

3 sets forming rollers technology

Hydraulic cutter

hydraulic die cut. (45 degree), Hydraulic station power 4KW.

Electrical system

The line speed is controlled by frequency inverter. (With PC control).
Auto Cut-to- Length controlled

Weight (KG):

About 3900kg

Line speed

Adjustable, 0-10m/min

Run-out table

length 6000mm; width 100mm

Line Dimension (L*W*H)mm:



■ Application of the Steel angel Round Flanges
The angle iron round flange can be composed of various force-receiving members according to the different needs of the structure, and can also be used as a connecting member between the members. Widely used in various building structures and engineering structures.
Steel angel material thickness: 2.0-4.0mm  
Steel angle sizes: 20mm-40mm * 40
The custom angle steel making machine can be prepared according to client’s request.
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