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The origin and development of cold forming equipment
The focus of the development of cold-formed forming equipment, cold-formed steel originated in 1838. Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom used presses or cold-drawn machines to produce individual steel products. This is the embryonic form of cold-formed steel units. In 1910, the United States took the lead in building a cold-formed steel unit, resulting in a continuous cold-formed forming process, and cold-formed steel began to form industrial production, and thus moved to the world stage. my country has been focusing on the development of environmentally friendly equipment in recent years, and the awareness of environmental protection will also become an important mainstream in the next few years. In the development trend of environmental protection equipment, cold-formed equipment has undoubtedly become the mainstream of the entire market, and at the same time, it has also driven the development of cold-formed steel equipment. Of course, the focus of development is still on application requirements. It is necessary to achieve a variety of products. The use of various functions.
       It is not an exaggeration to describe the development of cold-formed equipment by leaps and bounds in the development of the past few years, because when the cold-formed equipment first came out, it actually occupied all major areas of our entire forming equipment, and cold-formed Equipment has played a very important part in the entire equipment industry, and it is also a relatively important industry in China. Whether it is strategically or fundamentally, it has played a very important role. The most important thing is cold The production capacity of bending forming equipment can directly affect the development of my country's manufacturing industry.
        Therefore, with the vigorous development of the entire environmental protection market, cold-formed equipment will become more and more important. For cold-formed equipment, common forming methods mainly include pressing, forging, extrusion, and welding to enable the equipment to be formed. And the method can explain the molding method of the molding equipment. According to these molding methods, we can easily see that if we want the equipment to be easily molded, we need to use molding equipment, and these equipment are not processed and manufactured by ourselves. , So we need to buy some ready-made forming equipment. Many manufacturers are constantly developing new products and materials, and the previously more popular hot-rolled steel is gradually adopting cold-formed steel. I believe that Everyone is there for all to see.
        The development of the cold-formed machinery industry can be said to be changing with each passing day. Especially in recent years, the domestic industry has developed tremendously. It is not only reflected in the continuous expansion of production scale, the continuous increase of production quantity, and the in-depth expansion of application fields. In recent years, the technology of domestic cold-formed industry With the continuous improvement of equipment level, each enterprise combines its own factory conditions, through independent research and development or introducing advanced foreign equipment, so that its own equipment level continues to rise, the production process continues to improve, and the technical capabilities continue to improve, which has promoted the development of a number of high-speed rolling mills. Integration, efficiency, and intensification are gradually being carried out, thereby achieving the goal of high-efficiency production of high-quality products.
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