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Daily management of grain storage equipment
Maintenance and inspection of facilities and equipment
Maintenance of facilities and equipment
Combining the characteristics of storage work, and using frequency as the standard, the equipment is divided into two categories: one is daily use equipment, such as skewer, wire reel, explosion-proof lighting, etc.; the other is seasonal use equipment, such as Gu Leng Machines, centrifugal fans, single-pipe fans, etc.
For routine equipment, monthly inspections should be carried out in time. Check the equipment in the process of daily use, whether there is leakage, loose screws, replace the lubricating oil according to the bearing usage and other details, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, protect users and equipment safety, improve equipment safety, and reduce equipment failure rate.
For seasonal equipment, the daily cleaning of the equipment should be done well, and the equipment inspection and maintenance work should be done in advance in conjunction with the use time of the equipment. For example, when nitrogen gas adjustment operations are required, the individual equipment inspection and system equipment test operation should be carried out in advance according to the operation time node arranged by the department; at the same time, the parts that require annual inspection in the equipment, such as safety valves, pressure gauges and Loss parts. For example: optocoupler sensors, oxygen sensors, etc.; check whether mechanical transmission parts need to be lubricated, whether bolts need to be re-tightened, etc.; check whether electrical components have broken cables, poor contact points of electrical components, and smooth software communication.
For equipment and related facilities that are exposed to the outdoors for a long time, environmental corrosion protection and rain protection should be considered before installation and use; the power distribution box outside the warehouse and the power distribution facilities on the equipment should meet a certain waterproof level; outdoor use The cable sheath should be made of double-sided rubber and materials with certain corrosion resistance.
Inspection of facilities and equipment
Storage facilities and related storage equipment may also have abnormal conditions during use. Therefore, it is also necessary to conduct special inspections based on actual usage. For example, in winter facility inspections, pay more attention to whether plastic pipelines are frozen or cracked; during summer facility inspections, pay attention to whether there is overload and heating of electrical equipment cables, and whether there is cable breakage during the dragging process, whether there is insulation on the roof of the warehouse, Waterproof layer cracking and other phenomena; When Yangxu weather occurs during the alternation of spring and summer in the north, the number of inspections of running equipment should be increased, especially the air inlet inspection of the equipment in use, to avoid excessive Yangxu causing equipment air inlet blockage .

2 Comprehensive management of facilities
Foresight of facility construction
According to the overall layout of the reservoir area construction, comprehensive pipelines are preset in a forward-looking manner. Under the premise of not exceeding the overall budget, the overall planning and pre-burying of related water, electricity, gas and other integrated pipelines will be carried out. Establish comprehensive pipeline channels in a reasonable and standardized manner, so as to avoid the increase of costs due to secondary excavation, and to avoid affecting the overall image of the reservoir area due to secondary excavation. When the corresponding concealed project is completed, the relevant drawings shall be collected and archived in time.
Foreseeability of facility construction
The comprehensive construction of facilities should also be foreseeable. By learning advanced industry-related knowledge and mastering professional knowledge, we should keep abreast of new technologies, new processes, and new methods, and try to use new technologies in our work. For example, green grain storage and nitrogen filling technology is an important innovation in storage and storage technology compared to phosphine fumigation technology. With the advancement of science and technology, the development direction of grain storage technology tends to be informatization, diversification, specialization, and intelligence. Through continuous learning and exploration, the goal of improving work efficiency has been achieved in practice.

3  Daily management of equipment
Management of equipment files
Important storage equipment components and spare parts should be registered in a timely manner, focusing on recording the basic dimensions of the equipment, the manufacturer, the main electrical components, the contact person, the equipment manual, and the maintenance manual.
Combining new grain storage technology and specialized modern equipment, purchase and use new and high-efficiency equipment on a trial basis. After a certain trial period, if the equipment can effectively improve production efficiency, it can be used in batches to form a new operation process. In addition, the risk control points and operation key points in the use process are written into the operation specifications in a timely manner to form relevant systems.
Combining cost mathematical models, comprehensively analyze equipment maintenance costs and sunk costs in terms of time and expense, so as to scientifically eliminate and update related equipment and reduce equipment annual operating costs.
Daily management of spare parts
In order to avoid the abnormal situation of the equipment, which affects the normal storage work. According to the number of original parts in the equipment, the importance of the equipment, and the frequency of equipment use, the spare parts are divided into three categories: ABC, and different management methods are adopted. Among them, the more important category A spare parts should be focused on management.
The spare parts are divided into two categories: electrical accessories and mechanical accessories. For the storage of spare parts and accessories in the inventory, commonly used items are placed near the door, and in the corners that are not commonly used; they are stored in the form of shelf storage and floor placement according to the size and type; the shelves should be placed in order according to the size and weight Placed, in principle, should be easy to access. For spare parts with special storage requirements, they should be stored according to their own specific conditions. For example, special spare parts such as oxygen sensors and integrated circuit boards for nitrogen generators should be stored in special storage methods and management measures based on their characteristics.
4 Overall budget and safety investment of facility and equipment costs
Budget and control of facility and equipment costs
According to the related expenses and usage of the facilities and equipment in the previous year, the equipment cost budget for the next year will be carried out, and the equipment cost analysis will be effectively carried out.
Related security costs
Directly affiliated enterprises should conduct annual inspections of special equipment and related facilities in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant requirements of the country and the local provincial and municipal safety supervision departments. For example, safety valves, pressure gauges, pressure vessels, safety belts, lifting belts, etc., to implement safety management to effectively ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.
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