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Light steel keel equipment selection guide
Light steel keel equipment selection guide
With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, prefabricated residential buildings have attracted more and more attention in the market. As the main structure of the light steel villa-the light steel keel, to a large extent determines the quality of the light steel villa. If we want to produce high-quality light steel keel that satisfies us, we need a powerful light steel keel equipment. Now there are so many kinds of light steel keel equipment on the market, how can we choose the right equipment? Below I have compiled some methods for your reference.
Principles of purchasing keel equipment
1) One of the four basic principles for purchasing light steel keel equipment is “quasi”. The length and size of the keel produced by the machine, the relative position and size of various functional holes, especially the relative position and size accuracy of the dimple holes, must be accurate. The high-end standards in the industry are the component length error of ±1.0mm, and the relative position of the dimple hole size error of ±0.5mm, to ensure that the produced components are consistent with the design drawings, and are installed on the construction site smoothly, reducing additional labor costs. Common problems with inaccurate component dimensions are as follows: a. When the machine is in slow production, the accuracy of the workpiece is acceptable, and when the running speed rises to normal or fast, various dimensional errors increase. b. When the machine produces short components, the size is OK. When producing long components of 5 meters and above, the dimensional accuracy error is significantly increased. "Quasi" is the most basic requirement for a light steel villa keel equipment. If this requirement is not met, everything else is a cloud.
2) The second of the 4 basic principles for purchasing light steel keel equipment is "fast". On the premise of "quasi", the speed of discussion is meaningful. Take the most commonly used C89 plate type as an example. A general model of a leading foreign brand promises in the data book: Typical production capacity of 300 meters per hour (to produce truss joists)-700 meters per hour (to produce walls) Surface). On average, it should reach 450 meters per hour. Most of the domestic machines have unsatisfactory speeds. Customers are usually told that the production capacity is 3-4 tons/day (8 hours), and the linear speed is only about 300 meters/hour. (In 183mm feed, 1.0mm thickness). This shows that the gap is not small. Equipment with slow production speed is really "cheap to buy but expensive to use". As a user, this factor must be considered when purchasing equipment.
3) The third of the 4 basic principles for purchasing light steel keel equipment is "stable". During the production process, the equipment runs stably without jamming. When producing horizontal keel components that penetrate through multiple rows of vertical keels, the overall strength of the keel becomes poor due to the long web through holes of this type of component. If the forming and rolling design of the machine is defective, material jams in the machine will often occur, and the troubleshooting of the fault is time-consuming and laborious, resulting in unstable production and frequent interruptions. The users of a foreign brand suffered greatly.
4) The fourth of the 4 basic principles for purchasing light steel keel equipment is "less waste". When the processing code output by the light steel house construction design software is used for equipment to produce keel components, a piece of waste will inevitably appear between the nodes of two different members; some equipment, the length of the waste reaches 40-50mm, and some equipment, This problem has been optimized in the machine control software, which can minimize the length of waste. From the perspective of long-term production, the material utilization gap between the two is about 2%, and the impact on long-term production costs cannot be ignored.
In addition, it is necessary to consider the manufacturer's after-sales service level and the overall use cost of the machine to choose the most suitable equipment to gain an advantage in the increasingly fierce market competition.
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