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What are the five-line safety operating procedures for the air duct production line?

The multi-function biting machine in the five-line air duct production line has the function of biting Dongying bones, right-angle bones, elbow right-angle bones, hook bones, piercing bones, cutting bones, and zigzag bones without the need to exchange rollers. The machine has greater flexibility and compliance. Can provide users with more convenience. Just like the operation of the multi-function biting machine, it is necessary to pay attention to ensure safety. The biting machine is an indispensable mechanized equipment for various sheet metal processing and duct production. So, how to ensure the safe operation of the mouth biting machine on the duct production line?

The five-line protective device of the air duct production line is used to isolate the operator and the rotating part of the machine equipment, the live part and the harmful substances generated during the processing. Such as belt ink, gear cover, electrical ink, iron filing baffle, protective railing, etc. The safety device is used to improve the working reliability of the machine tool equipment. When a component fails or overloads, the safety device will act to quickly stop the equipment or switch to no-load operation. Such as stroke limiter, friction clutch, etc.

The five-wire signal device of the air duct production line is used to indicate the operating conditions of the machinery and equipment, or to send out signals such as color and sound when the machinery and equipment is malfunctioning, reminding the operator to take emergency measures to deal with it. Such as indicator light, buzzer, electric bell, etc. Interlocking device is used to control the operation sequence of machine tool equipment to avoid accidents caused by uncoordinated actions. For example, the screw rod and polished rod of the lathe cannot move at the same time, etc., must be installed with electrical or mechanical interlocking devices to control them.

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